5 Questions To Ask Potentials Clients Before Working Together

So you’ve received some interest from a prospective client (congrats!). 

They want to book your services and are asking you for a quote and quick interview call. 

In your mind, you’ve practically said “yes” already and are planning all the ways you can spend that additional income. However, before you give your quote and start the project, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into (and know you’re the right person for the job). 

So before you book your next client, here are five questions to ask: 

1. Why are you hiring for this position?

This is a great question to start the conversation off with! It’s the most basic and important thing to know before you even consider taking the job. 

It might seem like an obvious or unnecessary question, but it’s a really great opportunity for the prospect or interviewer to tell you more about the job and what it includes. Be prepared to hear some pain points. If you listen carefully, these can give you great insights into how you can make your clients happy and give them exactly what they’re looking for (hint: it might be different from what they say on the job description).  

2. What do you hope to achieve using (insert service here) and how will you know you’ve achieved it?

This question helps you figure out what the clients’ expectations are and how they will measure success. 

For example, let’s say a company is looking to hire you for a social media management role. You don’t want to start work only to have the client blame you for a lack of sales or results in their business 3 months later. 

You need to know exactly what they hope to get from your work together before you decide if this is something you can reasonably accommodate. 

3. How hands-on do you want to be?

Some clients want ALL the control. They want to review and approve every step of the process. Others are quite happy to let you take over this part of their business entirely, so they can focus on all the other stuff that needs doing. 

How involved the client wants to be is going to make a difference to the time you spend on their project. If there is a rigorous approval process, there will be more steps and tasks to complete. Knowing this in advance can help you customize your quote with the extra review time in mind. 

4. Have you hired a freelancer for this position before? 

Most likely, the prospect or interviewer will ask you a very similar question to gauge your level of experience (“Have you worked with clients in this role before?”), so it’s only fair and wise to return the question to see if this particular company or person has had a positive, negative, or no experience with freelancers in the past. 

If they’ve had a positive experience, then it’s a good sign that they can work well with others remotely. If they’ve had a negative experience or no experience at all with freelancers… that could be a warning sign. Either way, better to know sooner rather than later so you can have an open and honest conversation about why it didn’t work out in the past and what you can do differently to make sure it’s a great experience for everyone. 

5. What’s your vision for your business? What makes your brand different from others?

This is always a great question to ask because understanding the company or client’s vision will help you determine whether their values are in alignment with yours, and allows you to really visualize yourself in the day-to-day as an employee or coworker. Knowing what sets them apart can help you decide if this will be a good fit for both parties. 

Your Turn!

What questions do you ask new clients before signing them? 

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