The Best Freelancing Niches For Your Personality Type

During your search for the perfect freelancing career, you’ll have probably tried to figure out which niche suits you best, or where your talents truly lie. During your search, you’ll have also stumbled across personality tests, which are used to try and help guide you on the right path.

No, we’re not talking about Buzzfeed-style quizzes, but rather the solid theory that every person has one of 16 personality types, with corresponding traits. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been used for years to help people figure out how they use their judgment and perception in certain situations and with other people.

It also happens to be a fantastic indicator of what kinds of careers might suit you.

If you’ve never taken this test before then please get all visions of long-winded, stressful examinations out of your head! Our favorite is the 16Personalities test which you can do online in just a few minutes.

When you’re armed with your new personality type, which consists of four letters starting with either I (for introvert) or E (for extravert), read on to find out which freelance niche could be right for you!


INTJ - The Architect

As an INTJ, you’re extremely dedicated to your job and work tirelessly to achieve your goals. You work best alone or in a very small group (perfect for freelancing!) and tend to be a jack of all trades. INTJs can pretty much work in any industry, as long as they aren’t tasked with a low-level job where they are micromanaged. Your best freelancing niches could be:

  • Freelance Project Manager

  • Freelance Marketing Strategist

  • Freelance Software Designer

  • Freelance Financial Planner

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Networking with other freelancers

  • Strengthening your team working skills

INTP - The Logician

Many scientific discoveries have been made by your personality type! Surely, this is due to the mix of high intellect, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit you have. Though you’d rather shy away from practical, day-to-day activities, you can always find (or invent!) a freelancing tool to help you manage these tasks whilst going after your meaningful work. You’d rather be left alone and you hate small talk, making the solitary aspect of freelancing a breeze for you. Your best freelancing niches could be:

  • Freelance Consultant

  • Freelance Software Engineer

  • Freelance Technical Journalist

  • Freelance Data Analyst

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Communicating and connecting with other freelancers and clients

  • Sticking to rules or processes put in place by clients

ENTJ - The Commander

Bold and upfront, your personality type craves growth and responsibility, making you excellent at running a successful freelancing business. You’re results driven, tending to rely more on logic than emotions to get what you need done. You’re a born leader! Although you’d make a great business administrator, your best freelancing niches could be:

  • Freelance Corporate Strategist

  • Freelance Lawyer

  • Freelance Finance Advisor

  • Freelance Real Estate Broker

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Understanding the emotional needs of your fellow co-workers and clients

  • Being more patient with others (perhaps who work on the same projects as you)

ENTP - The Debater

You’re proud of your intellect and quick wit, and love to pick apart arguments just for the enjoyment of it. As a confident, productive person who relishes the opportunity to brainstorm complex ideas, you love solving technical problems (but don’t necessarily enjoy the legwork in making it happen). As a freelancer, niches you’d be awesome at are:

  • Freelance Voice Actor

  • Freelance Photographer

  • Solopreneur

  • Freelance Sales Manager

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Ensuring your debating skills don’t affect the relationships with your clients or fellow freelancers

  • Improving your focus - Pomodoro technique or listening to ambient sounds can help you be more productive


INFJ - The Advocate

Congrats, you’re the rarest personality type! You love helping people, but your real mission is to help get to the heart of the problem so that people no longer need your support. You can’t think of anything worse than a corporate job, and would much rather create your own career with meaning and connection to others. Combined with your productivity and creative skills, this means you’d be a fantastic freelancer in the following niches:

  • Freelance Writer or Blogger

  • Freelance Life Coach

  • Freelance Counsellor

  • Freelance Graphic Designer

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Stepping away from your work and letting go of perfectionism

  • Accepting criticism

INFP - The Mediator

Guided by your principles rather than rewards or punishments, you’re always looking for the best in people and situations. You’re extremely independent and creative, so whilst it might be hard for you to find a rewarding career, you’ll make a fantastic freelancer, shaping your own working life. The best freelance niches for you could be:

  • Freelance Author

  • Freelance Blogger

  • Freelance Designer

  • Freelance Therapist

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Accepting criticism and taking things too personally at times, particularly feedback on projects

ENFJ - The Protagonist

Your personality type is well known for being a true leader who genuinely cares about the welfare of those people around you. Charismatic and confident, you are amazing at dealing with people’s happiness and concerns. That means your most suitable freelance niches are:

  • Freelance Teacher

  • Freelance Advertising Consultant

  • Freelance Event Coordinator

  • Freelance Counsellor

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Knowing when to say no - taking on too much work could mean your quality of work suffers

  •  a poorly-fitting client or work relationship

ENFP - The Campaigner

You’re the life and soul of any party, but making deep connections with people is what you live for. A true visionary thinker, you’re constantly trying to conjure up innovative ideas to solve people’s problems and make them happy. You hate routine maintenance, so as a freelancer you could get extra benefit from automated tools to help you manage your workload whilst you get on with the work that you care about. Your perfect freelancing niches could be:

  • Freelance Journalist

  • Freelance Actor

  • Freelance Entertainer

  • Freelance Broadcaster

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Day to day repetitive tasks - finding someone to help you, or an automated process to make things easier

  • Focusing on the task at hand - find ways to break up your work day to make it easier


ISTJ - The Logistician

Your type can be found most often in society - Incredibly adept at logically thinking through problems, you’re dependable, accurate, and very patient in all that you do. As you prefer long-term, secure careers, working full-time as a remote employee for a company could suit you best. It’s a bit more challenging for your personality type to find a freelancing niche that fits you just right, but you could be amazing at being in any of these niches:

  • Freelance Bookkeeper or Accountant

  • Freelance Data Analyst

  • Freelance Business Administrator

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Being more flexible with change, especially if a client needs to amend a project or change rules

  • Accept that fellow workmates may have different ideas to you

ISFJ - The Defender

You’re an amazing all-rounder, with social skills and an analytical mind. You’ll be happiest in a service position, where you can flex both people-pleasing and logical-thinking muscles. Freelancing often requires the ability to adapt easily, and luckily this comes second nature for you. The best freelancing niches for you are:

  • Freelance Customer Support

  • Freelance Tech Support

  • Freelance Interior Designer

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Taking criticism or negative comments to heart

  • Learning when to decline a new project to avoid overworking yourself

ESTJ - The Executive

If there’s one thing in life you love, it’s bringing people together! You’re a natural born leader, adore structure and excellent organization, but you prefer staying with one employer or client. So as a freelancer, what’s a good fit? Being a remote employee would suit you well, in any of these freelancing niches:

  • Freelance Event Organizer

  • Freelance Real Estate Agent

  • Freelance Sales Manager

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Improving your flexibility with projects and clients’ demands

  • Understanding your own career needs and putting them before others

ESFJ - The Consul

People love you - that’s why popular people are usually this personality type. You love gossip and chatting about practical matters at hand, but you’re also excellent at organizing and handling repetitive tasks. You’d ace these freelancing niches:

  • Freelance Virtual Assistant

  • Freelance Teacher

  • Freelance Administrator

  • Freelance Accountant

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Learning how to improvise when needed

  • Being more flexible with client’s needs


ISTP - The Virtuoso

You’re not content unless you’re pulling things apart to figure out how they work - whether physically or theoretically. You’re built for freelancing, as you crave diversity in your working life and love each day to be different. These niches would suit you perfectly:

  • Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Freelance Carpenter

  • Freelance PC Technician

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Minimizing the risks you take with projects, which may backfire in unhelpful ways

  • Learning to combat your boredom without being unreliable

ISFP - The Adventurer

You were born to disrupt tradition through new concepts or innovative design. Tired of the nine to five, you crave freedom and that’s why you’re a brilliant freelancer. You love to experiment in your work and invent new ways of doing things. Your ideal freelancing niches would be:

  • Freelance Photographer

  • Freelance Composer or Musician

  • Freelance Designer

  • Freelance Artist

Areas you might need to work on:

  • De-stressing so you don’t feel overwhelmed

  • Accepting that some rules and regulations have to be followed, but don’t necessarily threaten your freedom or creativity

ESTP - The Entrepreneur

You’re a risk taker, the life and soul of the party who’s always moving too quickly to stop and discuss the deeper issues in life. You need a fast-paced, action-packed career or you get bored quickly. You’ll find it easier than many to build your freelancing career through networking, as this is one of your strong points. Your best freelancing niches are:

  • Freelance Actor

  • Freelance Marketer

  • Freelance Sales Manager

  • Solopreneur

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Structuring your work or following structures put in place by clients

  • Becoming more patient with your co-workers

ESFP - The Entertainer

You love to be in the spotlight and often mirror the people around you. That means you may work better in a co-working space than on your own. You’re wonderful at making others feel happy and special, that’s why these are amazing freelancing niches for you:

  • Freelance Makeup Artist

  • Freelance Tour Guide

  • Freelance Event Planner

  • Freelance Stylist

Areas you might need to work on:

  • Finding ways to make long-term planning easier for you

  • Understanding that conflict isn’t always a bad thing, and can sometimes be helpful

Remember, these personality types are simply a blueprint of your typical traits, likes, and dislikes, and aren’t always 100% accurate. Have we recommended a niche that doesn’t sit right with you? Then follow what you think is best! Your freelancing career is your own, ready to be shaped by your goals. However, if you’re starting out as a new freelancer or you’re itching to change your niche, then we hope this guide has been helpful. If so, why not share your results with us in the GUAVABEAN Facebook group?

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