The 25 Most Helpful Tools for Running Your Freelancing Business

In a traditional job, you'd own your area of the business - like marketing, sales, or customer service.  

As a freelancer, you own every part of your business, wearing different hats to keep your business growing and thriving.

Daunting as this may sound, it doesn't have to be - with the right tools, of course.

Here are our recommendations on tools for every area of your business - so you can keep doing what you do best!

Writing Tools

Simple and completely free, this practical tool helps you improve your writing quality.

Easy to use, it highlights where you can improve sentence structure, word choice, and common errors you might have missed.

Price: Free!

Best feature: Works in the browser, no download needed - though there is a desktop app available, too.

Simply copy and paste your content into this web app and it’ll display your word and character count in real time. Ideal when your client needs to stay within a certain word limit.

There are other great writing tools included too, like spellcheck and reading time.

Price: Free

Best feature: The display shows your words, characters, reading time, and more - without needing to highlight text.

A popular choice, this writing assistant identifies grammar and spelling errors in your content. Ideal for correcting emails, instant messages, documents, or blog posts. It works via a browser extension to deliver instant suggestions.

Price: Free, with a premium option starting at around $12 a month.

Best feature: The Grammarly editor - a browser-based app that provides in-depth stats on your writing quality.

Design Tools

Canva provides an easy, in-browser design app with hundreds of free features. Templates, font, images, and common image format for social media, documents, and more.  No design degree necessary!

Price: Free, with a Pro option starting at $9.95 per month

Best feature: Free stock photos!

An extension for Chrome or Firefox, this handy tool lets you pick colours directly from any web page and copies the colour code for use in your graphics program.

Price: Free

Best feature: Ease of use

Another simple browser extension. Click and hover over any webpage to display which font is being used. A refreshing alternative to confusing font identification websites!

Price: Free

Best feature: Easy to use

Social Media Management Tools

In-depth features and analytics with a clean, easy to use interface. Curate and schedule content for every social media platform. Ideal for social media managers who want an easy way to manage their clients’ accounts.

Price: Limited free plan plus several paid options starting from around $32 a month.

Best feature: The Hootsuite browser extension.

Another social media management tool packed full of features to help you plan and schedule your social media content. Buffer also offers more products to help with engagement and analysing your results.

Price: limited free plan plus all-inclusive paid plans from $15 a month.

Best feature: Paid options include extra users unlike some platforms.

What happens when you want to schedule content, but run out of things to say to your social media followers? SmarterQueue helps curate, schedule, and publish content to your social media platforms, but also recycles it too. Great for groups, it includes a colour-coded calendar and content library to make it super easy to use.

Price: Free trial, then starting from $16.99 a month.

Best feature: Content recycling to create months’ worth of content in a few clicks.

Productivity Tools

With free office tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Drive allows you to create, edit, and share documents in the cloud and access them from wherever you are, on pretty much any device. Even open other formats like CSV, Excel and Word files.

Price: Free, with the option to buy unlimited storage at $8 a month, per user.

Best feature: Cross-platform access is a breeze.

Security as a freelancer is paramount. Keeping sensitive details away from potential hackers and thieves is extremely important, but can also be tricky if you’re sharing access with clients.

Thanks to highly secure apps like LastPass, you can store all your passwords and even share login info between users without ever seeing it, thanks to encryption.

Price: Free, with a very affordable premium option at $3 a month.

Best feature: Sharing login details without them being visible to the recipient.

Like all Google products, Keep allows you to save snippets from around the web, notes, and set reminders, whilst syncing with your other devices.

Available on Chrome, Web, Android, and Apple, keep your notes to hand at all times, no matter what project you’re working on.

Price: Free.

Best feature: Cross compatibility.

Do you struggle to find a mutually convenient time to meet with your clients? Acuity shows them when you’re free, allows them to choose a slot, then informs you ahead of time. Perfect!

Price: Free with paid options starting at $15 a month.

Best feature: Time zone conversion - takes the pain out of scheduling with your international clients!

No, this isn’t the name of some fancy app - we’re talking about going back to basics with a notepad and pen. Sometimes all you really need to be productive is to step away from your screen and write, plan, and create without distraction.

If you need more structure, try bullet journaling for a super simple method of planning and organising.

Price: Depends on how fancy your stationery is!

Best feature: Completely customisable to how you want to work.

A convenient way to record your screen and yourself, for free. An in-browser recording app that picks up your screen, microphone, and webcam that you can customise. When you’re done, simply use the shareable link to send your video to whoever needs it!

Price: Free, with a premium option starting from $10 a month.

Best feature: Ease of use - no downloading software!

Project Management Tools

Ideal for collaborating with a remote team, Asana helps you track and manage projects and tasks with an easy to use interface. It even features project templates to help you squeeze the most functionality out of the platform.

Price: Free, with paid options starting from $9.99 a month.

Best feature: The ‘Home’ overview, letting you see all tasks and projects at a glance.

The easiest drag and drop project management tool! Use it to manage your own workflow or share boards with your clients to manage their projects. Set due dates, make checklists, upload files, and more.

Price: Free, with very affordable paid options starting at $3.75 a month.

Best feature: Drag and drop boards for visual organisation.

Not a fan of using multiple platforms to track your time, manage your tasks, and create invoices? Spera rolls everything into one, especially for freelancers, so you can spend more time doing what you’re great at. See your projects, clients, invoices, and stats at a glance. Even accept payments for free!

Price: Free trial, then paid options starting at $9.99 a month.

Best feature: The dashboard, where everything is integrated into one place.

Communication Tools

Originally designed for gamers, Discord is a free to use text and voice chat platform for a variety of industries on any device. Make your own emotes, upload files, and create channel roles and rules.

Price: Free, with the option of a paid Nitro option starting from $9.99 a month.

Best feature: Seamless voice connectivity - no lag like Skype or other competitors

Made for remote teams to collaborate, Slack is easy to use and well laid out. Customisable themes, personalised bios, and a helpful bot to guide you. Integrate your favourite tools like Google Drive, Kyber, and more to work seamlessly with your clients.

Price: From $6.67 a month.

Best feature: Integrating tools for seamless sharing.

A powerful video conferencing app. Meet with your clients, share your screens, create break out rooms for different discussions, and take part in a text chat room. Ideal when you can’t be there in person!

Price: Free to make an account, then paid plans starting from $14.99 a month.

Best feature: Record the meetings for future reference.

Time Management & Finance Tools

Take the hassle out of calculating, creating, and sharing invoices with this app that combines time tracking, quoting, invoicing, and payments. You get a ton of features even with the free option, so this could be a powerful alternative to using many different platforms at once.

Price: Free, then paid plans from $8 a month.

Best feature: Their large freelancer knowledge base.

A super convenient way to automate the tedious but necessary finance tasks like recording your expenses, creating invoices, tracking payments, and taking deposits. You can even integrate your favourite tools for seamless management of your clients.

Price: Free 30 day trial, then paid plans starting from $15 a month.

Best feature: Available on multiple devices.

Created by the folks at Fiverr, And Co is another reliable platform that combines time tracking, tasks, and invoicing into one easy to use platform. You can integrate it into Slack, Zapier, and lots of other tools too, to make life easier. And it was designed specifically for freelancers!

Price: Free or $18 a month for pro.

Best feature: Set up recurring payments - ideal for clients on retainer.

A fuss-free time tracker. Great if you already have a favorite invoicing platform and just want the ease of figuring out what to bill which clients. Easy to use, browser-based app with simple reporting features.

Price: Free, then paid plans starting from $6 a month.

Best feature: Simple to use

It’s never been easier to be your own online boss. There are so many powerful tools available for your freelancing business! Did we help you find a new favorite?

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