How to Work and Travel as a Digital Nomad ✈️

Are you an aspiring digital nomad?

It’s no secret that the life of a digital nomad is one that many people dream about. And why not?

Once you have a job you can do online, what’s stopping you from travelling and taking that lifestyle abroad?

Deciding to travel and work remotely can be a life-changing decision filled with many challenges & rewards.

In this article, we share a few tips for managing your work while on the go. 🚖

Have a Base

While it may seem glamorous to escape to a new destination every month, it can be exhausting to constantly travel while working.

This is why having a base is super important. It gives you stability, while still having the freedom to travel.

We recommend having a base and an address where you can still receive mail until you’re ready to commit to a new home! 🏠

Fast Internet is Your Best Friend

You may already have a special place in mind, but make sure you research the internet situation before you travel!

Fast internet is essential to every freelancer’s career, and choosing a spot with slow internet will really interfere with your work.

If the hotel or apartment doesn't have free internet, don’t book it!

Most countries will have free WIFI at local cafes and coffee shops, but a quick Google search before you travel can help avoid unpleasant surprises. You don’t want to get stuck in a country where the internet is slow or expensive. 🤦‍♀️

Be Reliable & available

Sometimes clients can be skeptical of working with someone who frequently travels.

The best way to prove that you can handle the job is by being organized and reliable. Make sure that you’re available for regular client meetings and always respond to messages promptly.

This may mean a few late night calls or early mornings, but it’s VERY important to show the client that their project is your number one priority especially when you’re “on vacation” as they might see it. 🏝

plan it out

If you decide to take your work on the road, it’s essential to plan ahead of time for any adjustments that will need to be made even if you’re only travelling for a couple weeks.

Most likely there will be large chunks of time when you will be offline and unable to answer emails. Use an email auto-responder if necessary, to let people know that you’re travelling but will be checking mail every Friday (for example).

If you have regular meetings scheduled with clients, you may need to adjust for timezone changes.

These are little details that you want to work out BEFORE you announce your travel plans to your clients.

make a routine

Being completely in charge of your daily schedule can be very freeing, but you still need to get work done!

It takes a while to get the hang of being your own boss, so we recommend experimenting with different routines to help you stay on top of your work while you travel.

For example, doing your work in the morning before anything else or spending every afternoon at the local co-working spot.

Set boundaries for yourself, and it will help in the long run.

The Reality…

Being a digital nomad can be a thrilling lifestyle, but like anything, it has its ups and downs. It’s not always cocktails and deserted beaches… 🍹

There will always be unplanned and unexpected things that come up. Trying to stay consistent and putting out your best work while suffering from food poisoning isn’t fun or easy. 🤢

How to deal

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a partner, it’s important to connect with others and make friends. Joining local groups, activities, and co-working spaces can make a huge difference!

And remember…

YOU get to decide what type of digital nomad you want to be. You can travel & work like a BOSS if you choose it. 💪

Advice From Anna Franchi, Founder of Taste Your Dream

“There are various things I wished I had known before I quit my job and started my nomadic life. But I think the most important would be to have a plan. I was working in a PR agency in a major city and got to the point where I was overwhelmed, overworking, and on the edge of a burnout.

I didn’t even know what exactly I wanted to do, which I think is the first step into a major, sustainable and successful life change. Once you know what you want, plan for it. I’d also recommend looking for help, you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

It all ended up very well, as I’m a very happy and fulfilled coach now, but if I could go back in time, I would plan it better. It took me a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights to get to the stage where I am now; I hope this advice will help you avoid my mistakes and live a happy and organized transition into your dream life.”

To Recap

  • Have a base to come back to 🏠

  • Don’t book before checking the internet quality!

  • Be reliable even while you travel

  • Plan it out (winging it only works in the movies)

  • Make a routine (or it will all go to 💩)

  • Make new friends (or travel with other freelancers!)

And if you want more tips on how on travel & work like a boss…

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