The Most Important Qualities For Freelancers

Curious what it takes to be a freelancer?

We asked experienced freelancers what they thought the most essential quality was.

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Essential Qualities for Freelancers 👇


Persistence. Never give up. The only reason someone else is ahead of you is because they didn't give up. That's IT. So you can't either. Everyone has stuff come up, issues, big problems, etc. The only difference is some people find a way to go on and others choose to throw in the towel early.

Esther, Virtual Agency Owner


Discipline. Both for getting work completed before a deadline, and for not raiding the fridge every ten minutes just because you can!

Francesca, Content Creator


The ability to make sound decisions about the work you take. Most importantly, you have to be able to say 'no' when the timing or pay isn't right. Being clear and consistent with deadlines when speaking to clients is essential. There is nothing more embarrassing than turning something in late (and I've certainly done this).

Nicole, Designer and Copywriter


INSANE communication skills. You need to know how to sell yourself, speak to clients, spark excitement in an idea… and you can multiply all of that tenfold if you're doing it through the internet!

Josh, Brand Designer


Self-motivation. You need to constantly remind yourself that you’re the one steering this ship. You’re not an employee, you’re a boss. You need to keep on top of everything. You need to create more opportunities and be accountable for yourself.

Meltem, Turkish Translator


You need to be able to manage yourself and set boundaries. With no boss looking over your shoulder, you need to make sure that you can stay disciplined and focused on getting tasks done. It takes a bit of practice to get into a rhythm but the independence and flexibility make it worthwhile!

Harmony, Social Media Manager


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