How to Package Your Services

Wondering why it’s a good idea to package your services?

In this article, we share advice & best practices on how to package and price your services in a way that makes you and your clients happy! 😃

How does packaging my services benefit me or the client?

To answer this, let’s use Frank as an example.

Frank is a freelance videographer. Since his work is top quality, he often gets people reaching out to him to inquire about his services.

Rather than ask each prospective client for their budget and project details {which can be very time consuming}, instead Frank sends a list of his packages and lets the client select what fits their needs the best.

This saves Frank a lot of time, and it gives the prospective client all the information they need to make a quick and educated decision.

Here’s how Frank has chosen to package his services. 👇

website graphics (2).png

Notice how Frank adds more features to the higher cost packages. These little features help the client get the full picture of what’s included.

Also notice how Package 3 is double the cost of Package 1, but you get much more for the price.

By choosing to package his services, Frank can…

  1. Save time talking to prospective clients

  2. Answer all questions easily

  3. Offer a range of services {clients love having options 😉}

  4. Skip the price negotiations, and let the client make the decision

  5. Strategically nudge clients towards a higher cost package

  6. Use the packages table as a handy reference guide anytime a client requests more revisions or add-ons to their package.

What happens if a client wants something that’s not included in the package?

Let’s continue with Frank as the example.

Frank often gets requests for little extra features that aren’t typically listed in his packages. His response?

“No problem! I can add that in for you. It’ll just be an additional $ … for the added time. Let me know if that works and I’ll send over an updated invoice.”

How do I package my services? What’s the best practice?

Although there are many different ways to package your services, the 3 Level Method is a good way to start out.

Here’s how it works…

Level 1 Package

This is the lowest commitment for both you and your client. It gives them the opportunity to work with you and “sample” your services. For example, if you're a Virtual Assistant, maybe your Level 1 Package is just 5 hours a week. This option is for clients who may need only a small amount of work done, or for a Videographer that might be charging for a one-time video with no further commitment. Once the client gets a chance to work with you, you can talk with them about moving to a Level 2 Package.

Level 2 Package

This package offers more value for price and is the package you want most people to choose. Typically this package is priced just a little higher than the Level 1 Package, but much lower than the Level 3 Package. This is generally your “bread and butter” package.

Level 3 Package

This is your premium package. It requires the most commitment for both you and your client. This is a good option for clients you’ve already worked with in the past that love your service and are ready to commit to a contract. It can also be for companies that have a higher budget or need customized service.

Going back to our example of Frank, here’s how his packages look using the 3 Level Method. 👇


Can I have more than 3 packages or levels?

You can, but just be warned that offering too many packages can be overwhelming for clients. They might get stuck in the decision process and you don’t want that to happen.

Business Insider explains: “Most marketing professionals see a significant drop in opt-ins or purchases when a consumer is given too many choices. They become overwhelmed, feel confused and in some cases, suspect that they’ll make the wrong choice and not get the best deal. In other words, make your offer simple to increase the chances of consumers taking immediate action and purchasing your product or service.”

Examples of packages for freelancers:

Now you know how and why to package your services!

Don’t forget to research what others in your industry are doing, listen to feedback, and modify your packages to fit your clients’ needs.

And remember: A good package sells itself. 😉

Adiós Amigos! 👋

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