Ten Popular Freelance Jobs

Thinking about becoming a freelancer but don't know what to specialize in? In no particular order, here are 10 popular & upcoming freelance careers.

Note: Rates listed here are estimates only. Each company will pay differently and every freelancer can charge differently based on skill, experience, and qualifications.

1. Writer / Blogger / Editor

One of the easiest ways to get into freelancing is through writing, blogging, or editing. If you enjoy writing & want to work from anywhere, this might be the perfect entry-level career for you. Most freelance writers start out charging very little, but are able to increase their rates as they improve their writing skills & build a portfolio. You could also apply to write for your local magazines & travel companies.

As you gain experience, you can specialize in different areas such as website copy, ad copy, resume writing, blogging for lifestyle or travel companies, or whatever you find suits your writing abilities & interests.

Requirements: Good English & Writing Skills

Difficulty: Entry-Level

Salary: Low-Mid Range (Example: $50 for a 500 word blog post)

To browse writing jobs, visit online-writing-jobs.com. For a free copywriting challenge, visit thecopycure.com

2. Customer Support/Success Manager

Are you a people-person? Do you enjoy working as part of a team to support customers and online communities? If so, you could be a good Customer Support Rep (a.k.a. Customer Success Manager) for small business owners and companies. This type of work typical involves managing customer support emails and moderating a community or group of members.

Requirements: Good Communication & Teamwork Skills

Difficulty: Entry-Level

Salary: Low-Mid Range ($10-25/hr)

To learn more about this type of work, read Francesca's Freelancer Story on the blog.  

3. Virtual Assistant

Do you enjoy working online and assisting others with their business or projects? Are you tech savvy & capable of learning quickly? Many online business owners & entrepreneurs need a reliable VA to help manage their inbox, calendar, blog, social media, online community, marketing, website, etc.

Requirements: Good Computer Skills

Difficulty: Moderate, Some Experience Needed

Salary: Low-Mid Range ($5-25/hr)

To learn more about being a Virtual Assistant, check out the free webinar & checklist by TheVirtualSavvy.

4. Online Teacher

Online teaching is quickly becoming a popular career path for teachers who want to transition to an online career they can take anywhere. Competition can be tough, but teachers with the right qualifications & experience can find success with online teaching agencies like VIPKid or DaDaABC.

Requirements: Good English & Teaching Skills + Experience

Difficulty: Moderate, Experience Needed

Salary: Mid Range ($12-25/hr)

To learn more and get support from other teachers, join this Facebook group.

5. Social Media/Marketing Manager

Similar to Virtual Assistants, many business owners need a Social Media or Marketing Manager to maintain a consistent presence online & bring in new customers.

As a Marketing Manager, you'll typically be responsible for creative direction, social media scheduling, email newsletters, publishing blog posts, engaging with customers, responding to comments, building up followers, tracking sales, and so on.

Requirements: Marketing Skills + experience with platforms like Hootsuite & Facebook Ads Manager.

Difficulty: Moderate to High

Salary: Low-Mid Range ($10-25/hr)

To learn more about online marketing, listen to Amy Porterfield's podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy and check out Social Media Examiner for tips.

6. Graphic Designer

Do you have a good eye for creative design & branding? Are you skilled in Canva, Photoshop, or InDesign? Depending on your skills and portfolio, you can create a comfortable career as a freelance Graphic Designer once you find your niche.

Similar to writing, there are many types of designers. You could specialize in branding & logo design, marketing & ad design, website design, illustration, posters, fliers, brochures, e-books, etc.  

Requirements: Strong Creative & Design Skills

Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced, Portfolio Needed

Salary: Mid-High Range ($20-60/hr)

Browse design jobs at Behance or Designer News join a competitive creative market like 99designs.

7. Video Editor/Producer

Video is quickly becoming a must for business owners & companies. Marketing through video is more popular than ever, and entrepreneurs are creating their own video lessons, marketing material, and online courses using live or recorded video. All of these videos will need editing.

Sell your editing services on Fiverr or customize your services and create packages to build your own Video Editing business.

Requirements: Mac or good computer + Video Editing Tools (Adobe) + Equipment (Camera, Lighting, Mic, etc…)

Difficulty: Moderate, Experience or Portfolio Needed

Salary: Mid Range ($20-25/hr)

YouTube is your friend for learning all about to start & grow a freelance videographer or video editor career. Here’s a video to get you started.

8. App Developer / Software Engineer

Are you experienced with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, or React Native? Do you know how to work as part of a team to develop new mobile apps and websites?

If so, there could be a potential career waiting for you online. Apps are the new thing, and learning this skill can open the doors to working with many software companies around the world (or even creating your own).

Requirements: Programming & IT Skills

Difficulty: Advanced

Salary: Mid-High Range ($30-60/hr)

Check out job listings at Upstack, Unicorn Hunt, or Github.

9. Website Developer

If you enjoy creating new websites for entrepreneurs & business owners, you might love being a freelance website developer. Most website developers are self-employed and get to set their own rates & hours. Common website platforms to specialize in are WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace.

Once you've built a portfolio, you can specialize in any area of website design you enjoy. For example: E-commerce websites, blogs, WordPress websites, landing pages, membership sites, etc.

Requirements: Website Development & Design Skills

Difficulty: Advanced

Salary: Mid-High Range (Typically paid per project. Example: $500 for a 5-page WordPress website)

To find entry-level website jobs, check out Freelancer.com

10. Project Manager / Director

Do you have strong organization & people skills? If you enjoy coordinating projects and teams, you might make a great Project or Marketing Manager. Small businesses have several teams & projects happening all at once. They need someone to supervise, organize, and manage the chaos.

This type of position is usually full-time for the right person, and can lead to a very enjoyable and stable career as a remote employee.

Requirements: Management & Leadership Skills

Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced

Salary: Mid-High Range ($30-150/hr)

If you're willing to pay a small monthly fee ($14.95) to get high-quality leads to your inbox, visit Flexjobs.comο»Ώ.

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