Starter Guide For Freelancers

Ready to become a freelancer and take control of your career?

Here’s a guide to our most useful blog posts, in the order we recommend reading them in, to get you on your way!

Note: This guide will help you understand the basics of freelancing, but if you’re looking for more specific instructions, strategies, and training, check out the GUAVABEAN Starter Course!


#1. Have you ever wanted to know what advice or tips veteran freelancers would give themselves if they could go back in time? Read the answers of over a dozen freelancers before you get started.

#2. No idea what freelancing is or how it works? We’ll debunk seven common myths about freelancing and show you why most of the stuff you’ve heard about working online simply isn’t true.

#3. Did you know there’s more than one kind of freelancer? Whatever work you’re offering (customer support, writing, coding, designing, project managing, etc.), you don’t have to follow just one specific route to success. Which type of freelancer do YOU want to be?

#4. Not sure what services or skills specialize in? Here are 10 in-demand freelance careers and the average pay range for each.

#5. Starting from scratch? Check out what veteran freelancers have to say on this topic and get their best tips for landing jobs as a newbie.

#6. Wondering why it’s a good idea to package your services? In this article, we share advice & best practices on how to package and price your services in a way that makes you and your clients happy! 😃

#7. Pricing is always tricky and there’s no rule on how to do it right. Here’s a list of answers and advice from the pros.

#8. Ready to find an awesome remote job? Here’s a complete list of over 100 of the best job websites for freelancers around the world - not just the US and Canada!

#9. Facebook Groups are a great way to find online work, promote your services and interact with fellow freelancers & digital nomads. But with so many Facebook Groups out there, it can be tough to know which communities are worth joining. Here are ten free Facebook Groups we highly recommend.

#10. Schmoozing, mingling, rubbing elbows... networking is a hugely valuable tool for freelancers for many reasons. Get expert tips on how and where to start networking, plus a couple of things you’ll want to avoid.

#11. With lots of freelancers gunning for the same positions, it can be a real challenge to stand out. Writing a head-turning proposal is absolutely essential to getting that all important follow-up and interview.

#12. The application process can be tough for a new freelancer. Without proper preparation and self-care, it can leave you feeling discouraged, stressed, even burned out. To squeeze the most out of your applications, here are our tips for staying sane during the process.

#13. Nearly all freelancers have been bitten by the procrastination bug at some point in their career. If procrastination is taking its toll on your success and productivity, here are seven tried-and-tested tips to get a hold of your procrastination before it gets a hold of you!

#14. Once you have a job you can do online, what’s stopping you from travelling and taking that lifestyle abroad? Deciding to travel and work remotely can be a life-changing decision filled with many challenges & rewards. Get our best tips for managing your work while on the go. 🚖


There you have it!

Remember that nothing great happens overnight, but you can use this free guide to start your epic freelance journey and carve your path to #freedom.

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