Where Do Freelancers Find Clients?

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So we asked a group of experienced freelancers to tell where they find new clients, and what’s worked best for them.

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LinkedIn has worked wonders for me. I love the robust and active connections there.

Debbie, Marketing Consultant

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Facebook groups, Upwork, Remote Hub, and cold-pitching are the best ways to find work according to me. I have found numerous opportunities on Upwork but I would advise anyone to cold-pitch, it definitely pays off.

Phyllis, Writer


For me, it has been all about personal connections - friends who know someone, previous co-workers or classmates who know someone and need a freelancer.

Jen, Health Communications Professional

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I love doing live streams and writing posts on my personal Facebook profile. I've also hosted a couple of Facebook communities where I share tips and value-packed content that my ideal client needs to move forward. Then I invite them to work with me. I do this over and over and over again. Building relationships is key and I can't tell you how many times I've had someone reach out to me and decide to work with me after over a year of following my free content.

Britny, Life Coach

Will Guavabean.png

I love it when I secure work through my website as there are thousands of copywriters out there. It’s great to know that my website connected with someone enough for them to reach out. As for what’s worked best, probably just emailing companies that I like the look of.

Will, Conversion Copywriter


The most effective way I have been able to source work has been through networking with people on and offline. Building relationships with people is a great way to get your foot in the door for opportunities you might not even know exist. Since I am based in central Florida, I have a handful of awesome monthly networking events to attend and plenty of people to engage with offline.

Stevie, Digital Marketing Manager


In-person networking events are at the top my list, along with referrals. It helps that I’m a people person and enjoy in-depth conversations. It’s always been easier for me to engage and sign up new long-term clients through networking events.

Floridah, Social Media Assistant


My most frequent work has come from Facebook groups, primarily ones made for female creatives. It's a great place to look out for short-term freelance work. People seem to be using it more and more to advertise for jobs.

Amber, Filmmaker and Videographer


I’m a variety streamer so I’m always playing varied games and new titles when they come out, but when you get that sweet spot of finding a game that not many streamers are playing but lots of viewers want to see, you get more traffic and new fans! Working with big clients like AOC (I’m their brand ambassador) gets you noticed by more people too, as well as other brands that could potentially become new sponsors.

Scott, Video Gamer


Facebook groups. In addition to the GUAVABEAN group, I also really like Female Digital Nomads and Digital Nomad Girls Community. On certain days of the week, you can post about your business, a link to your website or Instagram, or let people know about something good that's happened to you. They also have 'Freelance Friday' posts where you can engage someone for some ad-hoc work you've got going.

Madolline, Editor and Writer


In the LGBTIQ NGO/donor sector it is extremely important to network well, attend and deliver presentations at conferences, and remain relevant. I receive international LGBTIQ news updates and respond to calls for consultants and job ads. I also look regularly at the Remote section of Idealist.

Liesl, Events and Logistics Coordinator


Word of mouth. Honestly, the connections I make with people have got me more jobs than the internet ever could have!

Josh, Brand Designer


Agent(s). They will do the groundwork, they know you and the clients, and it’s OK for them to talk me up. I’m a lousy salesperson when it comes to myself, as I feel like I’m talking myself up. New work applications get easier because of your agent(s) as they do most of the groundwork for you, so your client is already prepped for your initial meeting.

Ronny, Graphic Designer


There are many remote work websites and I use them, but what has worked best for me so far is finding work through friends and people I know.

Alexandra, Creative Director


Freelancer forums like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Problogger are the best sites for finding work. Aside from these, I usually promote my writings by staying active on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels to get noticed by employers around the globe.

Dr. Paras, Doctor & Writer


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