Client Welcome Pack


Send your clients a Welcome Pack that makes a great first impression, sets boundaries, and gets you started on the right path for a smooth & successful project!

Like the saying “a stitch in time saves nine”, this Welcome Pack can save you lots of headache and confusion by addressing the most important details BEFORE you start the work.

This Client Welcome Pack includes:
☑️ A warm welcome!
☑️ Project deliverables & deadlines
☑️ Communication preferences (including how to contact you in case of emergencies)
☑️ Billing & payment process
☑️ Contract & Referrals
☑️ A big “thank you”

Click the button below to customize the template to match your services and deliver that WOW factor to clients. Feel free to add or remove anything that doesn’t fit with your client or project. And as always… make it shine! ✨

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