stage one

Start With You

Welcome to the first step of your Freelance Journey! 🎉

Have you ever asked the question, “How do I get started as a freelancer?”

The answer is: START WITH YOU. 💡

Without you, there would be no freelancer journey. You’re the reason we’re here.

So before you go any further, there’s just a few small things you need to know:

  1. WHY choose a freelance lifestyle & career?

  2. WHAT are your big three goals?

  3. WHICH type of freelancer do you want to be?

Once you understand these important things about yourself, it’ll be easier for you to communicate confidently with new prospects & clients.

Let’s dive in! 🔥

Exercise 1: Discover Your “Why”

Everyone has a “Why”.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve always had a “Why” for what you do.

In this exercise, you’ll answer a series of easy questions in your Workbook to discover your “Why”.

Heads up! This exercise might seem easy at first, but your “Why” is normally hidden under easier and more obvious answers. To uncover your true motivation, you’ll need to let go of what you think your “Why” is keep an open mind as you go through the exercises in the Workbook.

Why does this matter? For two reasons…

  1. Knowing your “Why” is the key to finishing what you start. 🔐

  2. Knowing your “Why” will help you make better decisions for your freelance career.

Watch this video to learn more about it. 👇

Knowing your WHY gives you a filter to make choices, at work and at home, that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do.
— simon sinek

#ProTip: When times get hard and you feel like quitting, REMEMBER YOUR WHY. 🔥

✍️ complete this exercise in your workbook

My ‘Why’ is financial freedom.

Once I understood that, everything else made so much more sense. It’s easier to commit to doing a difficult thing when you know WHY you’re doing it. Every time I wanted to quit, my ‘Why’ helped me gain perspective and the motivation to keep going.
— Claire, Owner & Founder of GUAVABEAN

Exercise 2: Goals & Rewards

What’s holding you back from your ideal life?

Think about the THREE main things that you’d like to accomplish this year in order to have a great first freelance year. 🤔 But don’t stop there! Every goal accomplished deserves a nice big REWARD. 💎

For example:

  • Get my first freelance client!

  • Have my first $1/K month as a freelancer

  • Talk my boss into letting me work part-time or even remotely


  • Take my best friends out to celebrate with wine & pasta! 🥂

  • Buy a new laptop

  • Two weeks of vacation in December!

#ProTip: Do yourself a favor and make your goals easy to start with. You can always make them harder later, but giving yourself small wins in the beginning will build your confidence to tackle larger goals later on.

✍️ complete this exercise in your workbook

Freelancing has allowed me time to follow my dreams. I love music production and travelling. Those are hobbies that, were it not for freelancing, I would never have enough time and resources to pursue.
— Floridah, Social Media Assistant

Exercise 3: Three Types Of Freelancers

We use the term “freelancer” to describe anyone who earns a living without a 9-5 job.

But really, there are three main categories of freelancers:

  1. The Remote Employee

  2. The Traditional Freelancer

  3. The Entrepreneur / Agency Owner

Each type of freelancing has it pros & cons that we’ll cover in the Workbook. Read the descriptions to decide which one is the best fit for you. This will impact how you set yourself up legally in the future.

✍️ complete this exercise in your workbook

Your Assignment

Complete the Workbook. Then, share your answers to the 3 questions in Slack.

⭐️ Bonus Points ⭐️

Place your “Why” somewhere you’ll see everyday (like the fridge or bathroom mirror)