stage two

Your Ideal Client

Stage Two ✌️ of your freelance journey is all about The Client.

Do you know who you want to work with?
What strengths & skills do you bring to the table?
Why should they choose you, out of everyone else?

The exercises here will prepare you to answer those tough questions easily during the interview & application process.

In order to do this part well, you’ll need to put yourself in the client’s shoes for a day and see life through their eyes.

What are THEIR biggest hopes and dreams? How can you help them achieve it?

This 👆 is the secret to winning great clients (and repeat business).

Let’s do this! 🔥

Your Ideal Client Avatar

Your Ideal Client Avatar represents the person (or people) you want to work with the most.

No shortcuts here! Finding the right clients is the KEY 🔐 to finding great jobs.

No idea where to start?

Watch this quick video to spark some ideas 👇 then complete the exercise in your Workbook.

✍️ Complete this exercise in your workbook

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

In both the competitive freelance world and in real life, knowing who you are is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your toolbox. 💪

Clients always want to know if you have the personality, skills, and strengths for the job.

One way to find out?

Take a free personality test! 😆 Click here to take the test below.


Once you complete the quiz and learn your personality type, take a minute to read through the results, especially the Strengths & Weaknesses, Career Path and Workplace Habits.

Some of this may be old news to you, but you’ll get some good insights into how your personality influences your work and what strengths you bring to the table.

✍️ Complete this exercise in your workbook


I’ve had loads of menial jobs in the past. I decided to go in a completely different direction and control how I earn my living! I love playing video games, travelling to events, generally being silly, putting a positive spin on life, and living life to its fullest.
— Scott, Self-Employed Video Gamer

What Makes You Special?

This is one of the toughest but most important questions to master. 😬

Don’t be tempted into thinking that you don’t have anything special. That mindset will only hurt your chances for success and clients will notice your uncertainty.

The truth is, somewhere in the world there’s a person (or company) who needs you. But how will they find you unless you have the confidence to put yourself out there & be bold?

Saying what makes you special isn’t arrogance… it’s confidence.

Why are YOU confident that you’re the right person for the job?

Answer that, and the rest will be easy. 😏

✍️ Complete this exercise in your workbook

Never doubt yourself or your abilities, nor give in to fear. There is a temptation to do so especially if you think you might get the job if you do. The minute you allow the fear or doubt to seep in, the client can smell it.
— Folasade, Ghost Writer

Your Assignment

Complete the Workbook. Then, share your answers to the 3 questions in Slack.

⭐️ Bonus Points ⭐️

Have a 30 minute conversion this week with someone who matches your ICA.


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