stage five

Finding Work

Now we come to the most important stage in the freelancer’s journey: Jobs

No doubt, finding good jobs and clients is usually the toughest part of freelancing.

But just because it CAN be stressful, doesn’t mean it has to be!

Don’t let fear rob you of your ability to enjoy this stage of your journey. 🤯

Finding jobs isn’t a scary thing. It’s just takes a little practice, a lot of humility, and some time to get used to.

Once you figure out which “best practice” works for you, you’ll soon be pitching yourself like a pro.

And don’t worry…

You don’t have to hunt down jobs forever.

If you do your work well, you’ll soon have clients coming to you. 💡

Marketing Strategies For Freelancers

To figure out the best way for freelancers to find new clients, we asked dozens of digital nomads across a wide range of niches (see the Freelancer Stories).

Based on their answers, here are the top Marketing Strategies for freelancers:

  • Word-of-mouth (free!)

  • Referrals (typically includes a referral fee)

  • Facebook Groups (such as GUAVABEAN, Remote Work & Jobs, Freelance Incubator)

  • Job Websites & Boards (UpWork, Fiverr, Craigslist, Freelancer, etc.)

  • Direct Email (there’s a template for this)

  • Networking

  • Outsourcing (hire someone to help with the recruitment/application process)

  • Social Media + Website or Blog

Note: If you decide to be a Remote Employee then you won’t need a marketing strategy once you find the right full-time opportunity. But you should still build up your network and connections!

✍️ complete this exercise in your workbook

#ProTip: One of the best ways to find new jobs is to see what marketing strategies are working well for others in your niche. How does your mentor or top competitor do it? Chances are they’ve already tried several methods, so the one they use now is probably what’s been tried-and-tested.

I love when past clients and friends recommend me! I’m really lucky to have worked with some amazing people that are constantly sending new work my way via friends and family.

I also freelance for an agency that sends me work.
— Justyn, Web Developer

Getting Your First Job

If you haven’t landed your first job yet, don’t worry. 🤗

This might take some time, so be patient and expect it to be a challenge. Think of it as a test of your determination. How much do you really want this? Are you willing to go after it even when you’re feeling down?

Although it’s different for each person, it might take a good 2-4 months to land that first job. And then it might take another 6-12 months until you find your first really good client.

It might seem a like a drop in a bucket at first, and you may wonder how you’ll ever be able to make a decent income on this work, but eventually, with time and practice, you will learn and grow. 🌱

You can totally do it, you just have to commit to being CONSISTENT with your job search. That’s the key. 🔐

Other people may quit in the face of rejection, but not you.

Trust that if you step out in search of your true calling, good things will happen. ✨ The Universe has your back.

✍️ complete this exercise in your workbook

Don’t wait until they are looking for someone exactly like you. Sell yourself as if they might need your services in the future even if they don’t need them now. Always introduce them to the other services you provide as well. Think outside of the box!
— Meltem, Turkish Translator

Meeting Your Ideal Client

Remember the Ideal Client Avatar exercise you completed in Stage Two?

Chances are that your Ideal Client is out there looking for you right at this very minute. But how will they find out? Or how will you find them?

The secret is: You need to go where they are. 🤯

Too many freelancers make the mistake of waiting & hoping for clients to find them. But clients are busy people, and they might not have time to search for someone they might not even know they need!

So make it easy for them to find you, go where you know they will be.

It doesn’t have to be only online places like Facebook Groups or Job Websites. You just might meet your favorite clients in the bar! 🍻 #newstrategy

✍️ complete this exercise in your workbook

I work with high-end clients, so I try to attend events I know they’ll be at. I even spend money on things like masterminds or business clubs where I know they’ll be. If you do it right, one event can lead to MONTHS of work.
— Esther, Virtual Assistant & Agency Owner

Your Assignment

Complete the Workbook. Then, share your answers to the 3 questions in Slack.

⭐️ Bonus Points ⭐️

Make your social media profiles “client-friendly”. Use a great picture, make it easy to see what you do for a living, and include a way for potential clients to contact you with work opportunities.