stage six

Manage Your Time

Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.
— Tim ferriss

Let’s talk about a very real problem for most freelancers: Time Management.

Do you sometimes feel like there’s never enough time to do everything?

If you’re working a full-time job AND building your side hustle, it can be exhausting & difficult to find the time to squeeze everything in… but not to worry!

In this Stage, you’ll learn how to plan for success, fight against the dreaded dream killers (overwhelm & procrastination) and manage your time like a BOSS! 💪

Let’s do this!

Planning For Success

A good plan is the first step to accomplishing anything, and a good plan starts with a clear goal or task. ✔️

Let’s say your goal is to land your first freelance client, your plan will include the steps you must take to get there (for example: set up a LinkedIn profile, join a Facebook Group, be helpful to other members).

Once you have a plan, you’ll need to schedule in some time to execute the plan. We recommend blocking off a fixed amount of time everyday for you to work on your own dreams. If you commit even just one hour everyday to your freelance biz, you’ll soon see the pay-off. 💎

#ProTip: Don’t forget to reward for yourself when you hit your goals or finish your tasks! 🎁


I’m a planner. I respond well to self-imposed schedules and deadlines. Each week on Sunday, I schedule out all of my activities and tasks (both my paid and personal projects) on Google Calendar. I specify what tasks I want to accomplish in each block of time.
— Liz, Virtual Assistant

Create A Work Routine

One thing all productive people have in common? A good work routine.

When you work from home, there’s nobody telling you how and when you work. This can be liberating at first… but don’t get lazy and start working from bed just because you can! 😉

Although it might seem restrictive at first, having a routine actually frees you up.

A good routine will help you get through tedious tasks faster & free up time and mental space for more important things. It will also give you greater discipline and clarity in other areas of your life. ✨


I make sure that my schedule still remains intact even if I’m not working. I’m still up early and doing something productive for a decent chunk of my day like looking for jobs, submitting my resume, networking, working out... you get the idea.
— Stevie, Digital Marketing Manager

Fight Off Overwhelm & Procrastination

Beware the dreaded dream killer! 😱

Overwhelm & procrastination have killed many a good freelancer’s dreams too soon. Don’t fall into this trap!

Focus on your goals.
Say “no” to distractions.
Fight against the urge to waste time & put off unpleasant work.
Remember your “Why”.
Be grateful for everything.
And when all else fails… bribe yourself with a treat.

Here’s some great advice on this topic from our favorite mentor.


Sometimes I don’t feel like sitting in front of a camera that day, but then I remember there are people relying on me. If I didn’t show up, they would be disappointed. I hate letting people down and making people happy is my main motivation.
— Scott, Self-Employed Video Gamer

Your Assignment

Complete the Workbook. Then, share your answers to the 3 questions in Slack.

⭐️ Bonus Points ⭐️

Practice your new work routine for 1 week straight!