Welcome Freelancer!

Yes, you.

You may not feel like it yet, but you’re already on the path to becoming a full-time rebel and digital nomad. We’re so proud of you for saying “yes” to your dreams!

In this course, you’re going to experience the Seven Stages to starting a happy & profitable freelance career.

And if you get stuck along the way, just send us a message in the Slack Chatroom anytime you need assistance or answers. We’re always here to help! 🤗

Intro To The Course

This course was designed to be fun & easy to finish!

Each stage contains THREE exercises & THREE questions for you to complete. ✍️ You can type your answers into the PDF Workbook, or print it out to write by hand. You’ll also find additional resources & templates to match each stage (and there’s more in Slack).

To help you find everything easily, we suggest you…

☑️ Save this page to your bookmarks (or text yourself the link)
☑️ Add the Slack app to your phone (you can mute notifications)

The #WOLF Lifestyle

Freelancing is more than just a career, it a lifestyle. It will be harder than you expect, but it will be more rewarding than you can ever imagine. Just like with any career, you will need to start small & work your way up. Trust the process. It will work if you do.

When times get tough and you feel like quitting, put on your WOLF shirt and remember your ‘Why’. 🔥 In a few years from now, you’re going to be VERY grateful you did this.

This is YOUR time to break free ✊ and shine! ✨

Any problems? Just contact hello@guavabean.com

Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.
Marie Forleo