Independent Contractor Agreement


The purpose of an independent contractor agreement

An ICA works as a legally binding contract between you and client. It provides protection for both parties, guaranteeing that neither person will take advantage of the other (although it can still happen). It the safest and most commonly recommended tool for freelancers.

Another purpose of the ICA is to clearly define the responsibilities, pay, and role of the freelancer or β€˜contractor’. This is typically listed under the β€œServices” section and reviewed thoroughly by both parties before signing.

To make your contracts legally binding, we recommend using an online service like HelloSign (you can send 3 contracts with their free plan each month).

When to use:

Ideally the ICA is sent and signed before the project begins. But it can still be done anytime even if the project is already underway.

How To Use This template

  1. Click the button to download the document

  2. Review the instructions on the first page

  3. Follow the instructions and add your information where necessary

  4. Download or export a PDF version to send to the client for their approval and signature