Direct Email Template 


The purpose of a Direct email

Direct Email (also known as a Cold Email) is an email written by you to a client or company youโ€™d love to work with, but you havenโ€™t been introduced to before.

This company or person may or may not be openly hiring, so your taking a chance by reaching out to inquire/offer your services.

Whenever you send a Direct Email, be sure to customize it to include flattering (but true) comments about the company you want to work with.

As always, make it shine with your personality & character!โœจ

When to use:

You can send a Direct Email whenever you are looking for new clients. We recommend researching your potential clients/companies, and trying to send 5-10 emails per week (or more).

If you have success with this Marketing Strategy and want to increase your results, you can consider hiring an assistant (paid hourly) to do the research & emailing for you.

How To Use This Template

  1. Click the button to download the template

  2. Fill in the highlighted areas with your information

  3. Add in other important information or links (such as your LinkedIn page, website, or social media links)

  4. Save this email template somewhere you can find easily again (youโ€™ll be using it a lot if it works!)

  5. Choose a company or client you want to pitch your services to & find their email address (normally this will be on the โ€œContact Usโ€ page but you can also send a message to their social media)

  6. Send your email template to the potential client(s)

  7. Check your email frequently & follow-up with any responses