Invoice Template 


The purpose of an invoice

An invoice is the final bill for your services, letting the client know how much they should pay you for the completed project/period worked. It also provides you with a record for your finances and taxes, enabling you to better keep track of what you’re earning.

Bear in mind that some jobs pay by hour and others pay by project or service, so customize the template according to what’s appropriate for you. πŸ˜‰

When to use:

There are 3 different ways you can invoice clients:

  • After the service (standard practice, safe for the client but risky for you)

    • Typically used if you invoice the client monthly.

  • Before the service (safe for you but risky for the client)

    • Typically used with premium services like one-on-one coaching or legal assistance.

  • Both before & after (best practice, equal risk for both sides)

    • For example: 50% before you begin, and 50% after the project is complete. You could also do 30% upfront & 70% after. Whatever works best for you.

How To Use This Template

  1. Click the button to download the template

  2. Review the example on the second page

  3. Add your information to the template on the first page

  4. Download or export a PDF version & send it to the client