LinkedIn Profile Checklist


The purpose of a LinkedIN Profile checklist

LinkedIn is your online business card & resume. Think of it as a โ€œworkโ€ social media platform where you can build your โ€˜connectionsโ€™ and network.

Some clients will do a routine background check before hiring, so having a good LinkedIn profile can set you apart from the rest.

LinkedIn is also widely used by employers & companies to hire new freelancers, and they have their own job marketplace that you can use to find new jobs.

Bottom Line: Having a LinkedIn profile makes it easy for potential clients to find & connect with you. Make it shine with your personality & character! โœจ

How To Use This Checklist

  1. Click the button to download the LinkedIn profile checklist

  2. Read and follow the instructions to set up your LinkedIn profile

(Note) You can also download a PDF version of your profile to use a resume.