Weekly Planner 


The purpose of a weekly planner

This Weekly Planner was designed to help you stay on top of your top priorities every week. It helps to get all those random β€œto-do’s” out of your head and onto paper.

A Weekly Planner also makes it easier for you to see exactly what you need to do each day, saving time and valuable brain juice.

Plus, it makes completing your tasks more fun! Keep track of your score and see how much you accomplish each week.✨

When to use:

The best time to plan is before things happen, so Sunday evening (or Friday afternoon) is the best time to sit down with your Planner and think about what you need to accomplish next week. Don’t forget to reward yourself for being awesome! πŸ™Œ

How To Use This planner

  1. Click the button to download the planner

  2. Select the version that works best for you

  3. Print out your chosen version (we recommend printing several pages at a time)

  4. Fill out your goals or tasks for the coming week

  5. Give yourself a score everyday for completing your tasks

  6. Calculate your score at the end of the week

  7. Celebrate your accomplishments! 🎁