Project Management Spreadsheet


The purpose of a project Management spreadsheet

A Project Management spreadsheet works to keep track of important links, dates, and notes that would otherwise be all over the place.

This particular spreadsheet can be for personal use, or it can be shared with other members of your team or even the client, acting as an online β€œwork doc” that you can use to keep everyone on the same page & moving forward. πŸ“…

Feel free to customize the layout by adding, removing, or changing columns as needed. This spreadsheet can also be easily converted to a Google Sheet format that can be shared online & stored β€œin the cloud” ☁️ so it never gets lost.

When to use:

This template can be used to manage your personal projects OR client projects.

If you want to use it for a client, we recommend sharing it with them as early as possible (you can include it in their Welcome Pack).

Heads up though!

Not everyone can handle spreadsheets. 😬 Double-check if this is the right project management tool for your client before sending it to them.

How To Use This spreadsheet

  1. Click the button to download the spreadsheet

  2. Look at the example in the first four rows to get an idea of how to use the spreadsheet

  3. Customize the spreadsheet to your needs & add your info

  4. (Optional) Share your spreadsheet with the client