Quote Template 


The purpose of a quote

A Quote tells the client exactly how much your service will cost them.

We typically use a Quote for projects that are customized to match the client’s needs. For example: custom logo design, website development, or legal/bookkeeping services.

Rather than just telling them how much your service will cost, a Quote is nice way of showing the client a clear breakdown of what he or she will get for their money.

And since a Quote is usually customized for each client (even though the main format always stays the same), it gives your service a personalized & thoughtful touch that the client is sure to appreciate (especially if you put their name on it). ✨

When to use:

After you’ve spoken to the client and understood what they want, you can customize and send them a Quote for their project. After that, the client will either ask questions, send a counter-offer, or approve the Quote and you’ll be good to go!

Heads up though!

Sometimes clients like to request additional services after you’ve already agreed to the Quote. We recommend preparing a standard answer to give clients when this comes up. Here are few examples:

  • “Sure, I can do that for you. Normally this be an additional fee, but you’ve been so awesome to work with, I’ll throw this in at no extra charge.”

  • “No problem, we can definitely add that in. Let me send you a Quote later this afternoon for what that would cost & you can give me the green light to go ahead.”

  • “I just double-checked our original Quote and it looks like this additional work isn’t covered in that agreement. Should I update the Quote to reflect the full responsibilities?” << this is implying that you will increase the Quote if they increase the work

How To Use This Template

  1. Click the button to download the template

  2. Review the example on the second page

  3. Add your information to the template on the first page

  4. Download or export a PDF version to send to the client