#01 🎧 Banned From Upwork

Welcome to the Dear GUAVABEAN podcast! πŸ˜„

This week's question is from Sathya. 

"Dear GUAVABEAN, I recently got banned from UpWork stating I have submitted a high number of proposals for jobs. I have appealed the decision but they said my account will remain suspended permanently. Any guidance on this?"

Listen to what we have to say on this topic! πŸ‘‡

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[0:00 - 2:14] Upwork's best practices and quality over quantity

[2:15 - 3:13] Why you may have been suspended and how to work on improving your chances

[3:14 - 5:15] Upwork is a competitive platform

[5:16 - 6:35] Upwork's platform has changed for applications

[6:36 - 8:30] What to do instead - other, more lenient platforms

[8:31 - 9:30] Gain experience with clients

[9:31 - 10:31] Upwork's negative reputation - is it true?

[10:32 - 14:18] Practicing proposal writing and Sandbox reviews

[14:19 - 17:35] How to beat those discouraging feelings after a suspension

[17:36 - 22:25] Sharing your personality with clients

[22:26 - 24:15] Being a top-rated freelancer

[24:16 - 25:57] Summarising everything we talked about


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