#08 🎧 Advice and Tips for Digital Nomads

This week's question is from Matt: 

Dear GUAVABEAN, now that I'm freelance and have been fortunate enough to be able to quit my full-time job, I'd like to go travelling and live the life of a Digital Nomad! But I trialed this last week on a short holiday, and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong! Internet signal kept dropping out, I was in a super hot van with no desk, and in a tiny village in Serbia with no internet cafes. I know this is a pretty exceptional set of circumstances, but it made me wonder if I can do it, full-time, on a permanent basis whilst moving around constantly! I'd love to hear some advice and tips on how to back myself up to ensure I am as prepared as I can be when I go travelling. Thanks!

Listen to what we have to say on this topic! πŸ‘‡

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[0.35] Matt's question

[1.35] Claire's and Francesca's experiences with travelling and working

[5.10] Different kinds of travelling

[7.15] Having a backup plan

[8.00] Learning from other digital nomads

[12.40] The reality of digital nomading

[14.55] Should a new freelancer start travelling straight away?

[21.00] Summary: tips and advice for new digital nomads

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