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1, 2, or 3

There's another career out there for you! We don't know what it is... but it probably isn't freelancing. πŸ˜” Or maybe you’re still a bit young and haven’t developed serious work muscles yet. πŸ’ͺ No sweat! Here's another fun quiz you can take that will tell you more about what kind of job you would be suited for: www.16personalities.com 

4 or 5

Not bad. You probably get along just fine in your typical work, but you may still be on the fence when it comes to freelancing. You're not quite there yet, but with a little bit of work and determination you can definitely up your score. #AskYourself "Do I really have what it takes to work from home and be productive?" πŸ€“ Share your score in the comments!

6 or 7

Excellent! There's a good chance you'll enjoy freelancing. You might even already be doing some type of work that is fairly self-managing and independent. But to really make a career out of it, you'll need to first decide if a freelancer’s life is for you. #AskYourself "Do I want to be a freelancer?” πŸ€” Share your score in the comments!

8 or 9

Fantastic! You've got enough traits to be a successful freelancer. I bet you're pretty good at getting things done and staying disciplined. If you aren't working online yet, you might want to consider it. With your qualities, you would land on your feet in almost any niche. #AskYourself "Am I ready for the responsibility?” 😁 Share your score in the comments!

Perfect 10! πŸŽ‰

Congratulations! You currently possess all 10 qualities to become a full-time freelancer or digital nomad. Chances are you're already quite successful in your current career and would do quite nicely in any job you choose. #AskYourself "If I could work from home, what would be my ideal job?" πŸŒŸ Share your score in the comments!


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